New Spring. New Leaves. New Logo

Over the past three years, the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer Evalar has been actively expanding its presence in foreign markets. As part of the international expansion, the company made an unprecedented decision to rework its logo that has been unchanged for the last 25 years. Evalar’s new logo was developed by a large international branding agency Mildberry.


At the heart of the visual solution, the company’s initial logo in the form of a leaf, which, however, somewhat changed its shape, and the inscription “Evalar” in an updated sans-serif font. Under the traditional green leaf of Evalar, a silvery wave also appeared that was not there before. According to the representatives of the company, this decision will “rejuvenate” the brand and make it more modern.

Igor Mospanov, Mildberry’s Chief Creative Officer, emphasized that the visual identification of the brand should reflect the combination of nature’s potential and scientific expertise: “Evalar has been working with herbal medicinal products for more than a quarter of a century, so we decided not to abandon the basic and well-recognized symbol - the leaf. However, we wanted the logo to become more rational, modern and scientific visually. The change in the shape of the leaf and the update of the font visually represent the modernity, while the silver wave that was not there before, is a symbol for scientific and technological innovation.”

Evalar JSC is one of Russia’s largest pharmaceutical companies, part of the top 5 domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers. To date, the company exports its products to 27 countries, including countries in Western Europe and Australia. In 2015, Evalar opened its representative offices in Australia (Sydney) and France, followed by an office in Slovakia in 2016. Evalar products are presented at the world’s largest online resources: global wholesale trade platform Alibaba.com and internet retail giant Amazon.com.