Evalar pharmaceutical company is starting the manufacture of medicinal products.

Evalar pharmaceutical company is starting the manufacture of medicinal products. The new production facilities opened on July 12. Their construction began back in 2014. Thanks to the increase in capacity, production output will grow by more than half.

On July 12, the opening gala was attended by the plenipotentiary of the President of Russian Federation in Siberian Federal District Sergei Menyailo, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Sergei Tsyb, Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Altai Territory Alexander Romanenko, Mayor of Biysk Alexander Studenikin, other representatives of regional and city authorities and entrepreneurs. The guests were offered a tour of the production facilities and an overview of the work process.


According to Sergei Menyailo, such projects contribute to systematic interaction of government, business and society. Large-scale production will make it possible for Russia to reach the most important task set by the President of the Russian Federation, becoming the fifth-largest economy in the world.


The new industrial facility occupies more than 34 thousand square meters. Medicinal products will be manufactured using equipment from the world’s leading companies, such as Huttlin, Bohle, Bosch, Uhlmann, and Korsch. As the enterprise has expanded, taxes will increase to one billion rubles a year. It should be mentioned for comparison that Evalar paid 460 million rubles of taxes to all budget levels last year.


“The vastness of changes that has already been implemented by Evalar, and the facilities that are now ready for work are impressive,” said Governor Viktor Tomenko. “We are also impressed with the prospects of more than doubling Evalar’s production, as it is one of the most significant enterprises that have become the brand of the Altai Territory. Such positive examples make it evident for other market participants that they can and should come to the Altai Territory. In response, will try to create favorable conditions for their efficient work in the long term.”


Regional authorities are actively supporting the development of business in the region. As the governor assured, the government is working to attract investors. Large enterprises such as Evalar help develop and promote the region’s brand. The new facilities will also help people who look for work. They will create about 300 new jobs.


“It’s great that such manufacturing facilities make medicinal products available for all the citizens,” the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsyb pointed out. “I can say that the manufacturing process meets all international practices and production standards. The production of herbal medicinal products has vast potential and is actively developing and using new technologies; there is still room for development. In this regard, Evalar is the flagship and the absolute leader in the production of drugs based on natural raw materials in Russia today.”


The new line of medicinal products that will be produced in manufacturing facilities will be supplied to the Russian market. Evalar products will compete with imported drugs, for almost half the price of these analogues.


“When the authorities treat business decently, business starts developing,” said State Duma deputy Alexander Prokopyev. “It is crucial that the profit accumulated by an enterprise is invested in the development of this enterprise. Such reinvestment is important both for the economy of the Altai Territory and for the creation of human resources and intellectual capital of the enterprise. High-tech jobs and human resources are the basis for attracting new investors to our region.”


As Natalya Prokopyeva, Chairman of the company’s board of directors, assured that in the course of its history, Evalar has developed into a full-cycle company that grows medicinal plants, develops interesting formulas and finally produces medicinal products. Today the company can boast of many years of comprehensive experience in herbal medicine, large-scale clinical research and new technologies. The availability and quality of health protection is considered an important factor in the company development.


“25 years ago, we obtained the first license for drugs production. Since then, Evalar turned from a small company into a large manufacturing enterprise,” says Larisa Prokopyeva, General Director of Evalar. “The manufacture of ten medicinal products of herbal origin that are confidently competing with expensive imported drugs is transferred to the newly constructed plant by means of transfer technologies.”


The enterprise has ambitious plans. Next year, the company plans to open a production facility for manufacturing medicinal products from synthetic raw materials. In the future, company portfolio of medicinal products will also develop. It currently consists of 27 products, half of which are produced on substances of plant origin.