Evalar launched a line for manufacturing synthetic pharmaceutical products in Altai

Evalar has launched the second line of a new manufacturing facility in Altai. The line will produce pharmaceutical products based on synthetic raw materials, the company said. The line will produce 1 billion tablets and capsules every year.


The company’s new manufacturing unit was put into service in July 2019. According to the company, the production reached the designed output of 2 billion tablets and capsules per year with the launch of the second line. The first line is capable of producing 1 billion tablets and capsules of herbal medicinal products every year.

“When Evalar launches all the sections of the new production, it will be able to increase its output by more than a half. The company plans to use the expansion of production facilities both for developing its own product portfolio and for expanding contract production,” the company stated. According to Natalia Prokopyeva, Chairman of the Board of JSC Evalar, the share of medicinal products in Evalar’s turnover reached 19% in 2019.