Evalar got public recognition as the best advertiser in the Pharma category

awards2018.jpgThe yearly Gold Print Awards ceremony is taking place for the second time. This is the national award in the field of media advertising, established by the largest publishing houses to promote the print press as a channel for distributing advertising messages, and to encourage advertisers. The winners were determined in 15 categories, in two phases. At the first phase, statistical data were collected by the company Mediascope, taking into account the amount of money invested in printed advertising. At the second phase, the heads of the publishing houses’ advertising departments voted for the participants of the contest.

The award went to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evalar Natalia Prokopieva. She expressed her confidence that the press will still remain relevant as a source of verified and reliable information in the current situation of widely used Internet, new media and instant messengers: “The value of print media cannot be overestimated. For our company, they remain one of the key channels of marketing communication. Over the years, the press has won a high credit of trust from readers; the print media are the channel that makes it possible to convey all the properties and benefits of the products, to inform people about the brand, and to promote innovations.”

In 2017, about 20% of Evalar’s advertising budget was spent on the print media. Evalar also ranks 1st in the list of the largest advertisers placing their information in print media.


The National Award in media advertising Gold Print Awards was established on the initiative of the leaders of the largest publishing houses of Russia: Moskovsky Komsomolets, Kommersant, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Argumenty i Fakty, Vedomosti, International media group ACMG, Burda Media Company, Hearst Shkulev Publishing, Media Business, and Media Holding Expert, with the support of public organizations including the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR) and the Union of Publishers GIPP. In 2018, the Publishing Houses Bauer Media Group; Independent Media; Vechernaya Moskva, Za Rulem, Soviet sport, Telenedelya, and Toloka joined the Award’s Board of Trustees.